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NoFap Hair Growth

NoFap Hair Growth


No Fap Hair loss and thinning reverted (with pics) – LONG Post

Most people do not believe the side effects of M too much (especially hair loss) are true because “they weren’t scientifically proven”, well guess what they weren’t scientifically unproven either. Not to mention most studies are done in mice.

Now, i’m not here to motivate anyone and i’m not religious or even believe in religion (i hope people that do respect my wish like i respect theirs), i’m here to post what happened to me.

Anyway, before we start, let’s talk about society and how it works, society is based on Capitalism, which consists in making (profit) money no matter what.

Now with this in mind, what has this to do with NoFap, quite easy, think about it, if people discover a cure for something but there’s medications to stabilize and not cure, do you think governments and corporations would reveal the cure so people wouldn’t have to worry anymore or do you think they would do treatments and prescribe medications so they could make money off it?

Do you have any idea how much money they would lose?

“I still don’t understand how this has anything to do with NoFap”, it’s quite simple, Porn is an industry, do you have any idea what would happen if people proven and told you that PMO is bad for your health? I don’t need you to answer, i just want you to think about it.

Now let’s talk about the M itself, everytime we M it causes a good amount of reactions, especially in the hormones.

Myself i was doing 6 times a day on average and record was 11, sometimes 4 times an hour on worse days, now think about it, the body needs time to replenish resources, you’re depleting faster than the body can replenish them, here’s a good example to help understanding:

What happens if you you don’t M for a week, or even for a Month and then you M? Now compare it to how it feels, how the whole process is and how it looks after you M to when you do it multiple times a day.

There’s your answer.

Let’s go back to society, imagine you overcame your M addiction and you went back to your doctor after he told you M has no side effects even tho he knew it had or is clueless and since he doesn’t know he says it doesn’t just because, what would this mean? This would mean they would be risking their reputation after blatantly lie to a lot of people about it even if they had no clue about it, do you think they would admit to get fired after the damage they had done?

After i saw in the news a medic diagnosed a ton of people with cancer when they had nothing and put them in chemo for profit, i seriously have a hard time believing in doctors. If you think this is not true go to google and you’ll quickly find it.

Let’s talk about what i saw myself and ALL of them reversed, yes i said reversed and will post pics bellow of the hair:

– Hair loss, tons of hair on pillow after changing pillow, same for when washing my hair, hey hey i have pics to prove it!
– FYI i became almost bald in 4 years, four years. (i did a lot of wrong things by only eating sugars and no proteins so it also helped, i’ll post a link bellow about my lifestyle here on NoFap)
– Brain fog, couldn’t concentrate
– Complete lack of energy and motivation
– Depression caused by loneliness became far, FAR worse even after taking dif medications and none of them doing anything, was then wrongly diagnosed Bipolar Disorder (took medications for that, guess what, didn’t do anything either) later was proven i wasn’t Bipolar by multiple doctors, hey hey here we go with bad doctors and prescribe medications for profit again! yay!
– Brain exhaustion to the point i wanted to suicide in Feb 2015 but asked doctor to go to hospital instead, they said i wouldn’t be there for too long, was there 2 weeks, no psychological issues found, they told me i need to socialize (really?! thanks sherlock, that’s exactly why i masturbate to begin with) and that’s how i will treat loneliness, thanks again sherlock!

So you can see the severity of the effects my hair had, sure i’ve been very stressed and didn’t eat at all here’s what i’ve been doing to myself in case you want to check:…-addiction-symptoms-progress-long-post.49392/

While i can’t prove my brain fog is gone or lack of motivation with pics nor lack of energy, i can prove the effects it had on my hair, before i post the pics please know that on Chinese NoFap forums hair loss is also linked to M, and there’s been a lot of cases where hair loss was reversed by stopping M, dunno if i can post links to i’ll just write the name of the site: jiese org

Now, here comes the main problem, it can take weeks, months or even years for you to see the difference, and the amount of people who can do this is extremely low even if they were proven (hey hey pics bellow) it would help their hair, which it will, people would think “hey if i get my hair back i’ll stop M or having Sex right away”, no you won’t (plus sex is not nearly the same as M and it’s not like you’re going to have sex 6 times a day), it’s not that easy because if it was you would have stopped already plus one needs to have a lot of strength and moral support to go through the amount of anxiety and desire you have to go back, even if you managed to reverse it that wouldn’t mean you would fix what makes you M, which most cases is being alone, sure you would feel more confident but it’s not like a girlfriend would drop on your mail box next day, obviously i’m talking about cases that the reason to M is not having anyone, like me.

Back to the time it takes for you to see progress on your hair: obviously it depends on how severe you are affected, but remember it took years for your hair to become like that, it can take years to fix the problem (mine didn’t even take a month), after all even doctors say to give a minimum of 6 months to see hair progress no matter whatever people are treating, 6 months!

Just a note: Male pattern baldness is caused by DHT, ANYONE can be affected by it, genetics just speed it up by converting even more Testosterone into DHT which will then go into the bloodstream and will “rest” on the scalp at night, that’s why gently massaging the scalp to promote blood flow is important, also, DHT prevents the hair root from absorbing nutrients, which are obviously needed to build the hairs. This is how your hair shrinks and falls and can’t grow back:

“Think of masturbation as a chemical reaction that unleashes a bevy of hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters. After an ejaculation, the body triggers a testosterone to DHT conversion in the prostate and testicles. And years of excessive masturbation result will result in an enormous DHT buildup that damages hair follicles and their roots.”

People always complaining about no pics when they read articles about hair loss being related to M, so here they are:

Details on Lyfestyle changes:
– Back to the GYM for a month and a half (I quit because i liked the nutritionist (lol) but she had a BF already, and since i M as a refuge from not having someone (never did) i quit the GYM and back to the same, guess I can’t like anyone these days)
– M max 2 times a day, one week i didn’t masturbate once
– Stopped eating sugars, used to eat 300g of sugars a day, which everyone should know that DHT and the Sebacious Gland are related and sugar increases sebum production.
– For anyone who says diet has no impact on one’s hair then they have no clue about what they’re saying, simply because you can’t have healthy hair with or without bald genetics because if you don’t supply the roots with the proper nutrients it can’t grow properly, and most blood test do not test hormonal imbalances nor vitamins deficiencies.
– Exercise in the morning, 6 meals a day with a plan to burn fat by the Nutritionist
– Started to eat fruits and soups, something i never do, no breakfasts ever, on top of eating sugar, i used to only eat sugar all day, from 3PM (rarely ate before that, went to computer after i woke up) til i went to sleep over half a kilogram of sugars, potato chips with tons of salt and god knows what else.
– Green Tea in the morning before breakfast, every day (I don’t know if this was also what speed up the hair loss reversal but back then i didn’t know it was an DHT blocker)

What happened with this:
– Hair stopped falling, i could wash my hair everyday that i wouldn’t see a single hair on the bath towel when drying my hair with it, couldn’t see more than two or three hairs in the bath tub either.
– New hairs started to grow where they weren’t for years

Details on my hair before PMO became and addiction:

– It used to grow 5cm month, i couldn’t mold it even with Level 5 Gel, i needed to grow it a lot so the weight of the hair would be enough to start going down
– No it wasn’t similar to an Afro haircut (i’m Caucasian, maybe related to Bob Ross :p , just kidding), it was just so thick that one example to compare with is an Hedgehog, you know like straight needles coming from the scalp, that’s why i had to shave or do haircut to my head every 2 months, it looked pretty bad trust me lol

These pics are from 2012, yes they’re old, but isn’t it supposed to only get worse as time passes? It didn’t. It happened exactly the opposite.


(I started this around September 17th of 2012 but was eating and not PM)

Please be my guest and zoom that in as much as you can.

IMG_1152: 21.09.2012:
IMG_1237: 10.10.2012:

In the crown area it seems worse in the second pick, it’s not, there’s just more light as can be easily seen in the amount of white in the wall behind.

IMG_1128: 11.09.2012:
IMG_1228: 29.09.2012:

Now, i only managed to go on like this for 1 month and a half.

EDIT: Hair amount after shaved (after going back to the same):

4 Months hair: 04.02.2013:
3 Months hair: 31.05.2013:
9 Months hair: 25.10.2015:

Notice that my seborrhea is back, yep.

Average day of “healthy diet” in 2013:

Top left: Chocolate Cake
Center: Cookies covered in chocolate
Top Right: Chocolate Salami
Bottom: Vanilla Cookies

At least half a kilo can be seen, i did this before (eating sugars) but was one chocolate of 100g at most and not every day, became worse as seen above, starting with 4 Kit-Kat then since 2013 what can be seen above, for the past 2 Years.

But you ask, why bother post pics from 2012 if we’re in 2016?

Because this is proof of the benefits when it comes to hair and it was the only time in my life i reduced PMO and it only increased over time since then and was eating properly, exercise, proper sleep routine, much less time on computer, my seborrhea i had since puberty (appeared a few months after i start M for the first times at 13) was pretty much gone.

Since then:

I increased the intake of sugars and salt, increased the frequency of PMO (remains average of 6 times a day but increased from max 2 times an hour to 4 times an hour, i feel experience a much worse brain fog, had a period of dizziness that thought was diabetes was not, swollen all the time and gained 30Kg).

My hair grew 5cm in 9 months vs 5cm a month like it used to be (on the other post i tought was in march but eas not, was before i went to the hospital, but the progress since the time of posting to october was pretty much null), i shaved my head in January 2015 and again in October 2015, the best part is that all my head is affected it’s not just on top or sides, back also affected, body hair also affected, body hair used to be thick too, it’s not anymore. Btw I don’t send nudes. :p

The progress i achieved is what happens when i follow my instinct, everytime i listen to other people and their brainwash theories things tend to go wrong, i didn’t give one about them and decided to do something about it, the results are what you saw.

Yes, my diet doesn’t help, but i’m not eating like this because “i like”, it’s a refuge and could have caused serious problems, it didn’t yet and hopefully i can stop, as the more i M the more i notice having these urges to eat sugar, the more i think and the more depressed i become, in 2012 as seen in the photos this didn’t happen, not a single cake, or sugars of any kind were eaten, just sugar from fruits.

Any questions please be my guest.

EDIT: Bonus pic: amount of shaved hair

EDIT: Pics about my “healthy diet” since i went back to the same.

Courtesy: RobH from

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