23 Bright, Stylish and Creative Summer Nails

By Rebecca Puttock

Summer is coming, so you need to get your nails summer ready! The season is all about vibrant colors and fun prints and patterns. Nail art is the easiest way to update your look for the new season. Stay Glam have put together 23 of the best summer nails. There is something for everyone from light and bright to bold to sparkling glitter. We know that creating the perfect nail art is no easy task! So, there is something for every skill level from newbie to nail artist. If all else fails you could always take your favourite design to your nail technician!

1. Palm Tree Design

Give your nails a tropical look with a palm tree design like this. This design features different pink polishes with black palm trees. You could re-create this with different colors for your own unique look. To get the palm tree design there are some awesome nail stickers available online.

Palm Tree Nail Design for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @ashanti_beauty_salon

2. Mermaid Scales and Sparkles

Mermaid inspired prints and patterns are a huge trend for summer 2017. So, why not wear this trend in style on your nails. To get the mermaid scale look you can purchase a stencil. This makes it very easy to create funky nail art. You could re-create this in any color. Just make sure you add some sparkle!

Mermaid Sparkles and Scales Design for Summer Nails Design

Source: @babiicakezz109

3.  Vibrant Yellow

If you want nails that look great but are easy to create then just choose one bold color like this. These nails have been shaped into a long almond shape and painted a bright yellow. This results in trendy nails that are easier to create than the complex designs. A color like this would work on short nails to, yellow is a summer must have.

Almond Shape Vibrant Yellow Nail Design for Summer Nail Ideas

Source: @natalievjensen

4. Cute Ice Cream Art

Want a design that is cute and creative? Then you need to check out these ice cream nails. This novelty art is perfect for the summer. Creating it is easier than you think. The cone detail was created with a stamp and the ice cream with a stencil. You can check out all the products used and a how to video on their Instagram page.

Cute Ice Cream Design for Summer Nail Designs

Source: @hanninator

5. Watermelon Nail Design

Watermelons are perfect for the summer! Give your nails a fruity makeover with a design like this. You could create two different designs or just choose the one. Either one would look awesome all summer long. There are lots of watermelon tutorials available online. The bright pink used is a great buy as you can use it for this design and much more.

Watermelon Nail Art Design for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @ashleydoesnails_

6. Nautical Summer Nails

Ahoy there! The nautical trend has made a comeback this summer. Give your nails a nautical makeover with a design like this. It is easier to create than you might think. There are anchor stencils you can buy to give you a neat design in seconds. Stripes can be created with tape and there are lots of how to videos online. Create this look with any two colors you like. The blue and silver used will look stylish with any outfit for any occasion.

Nautical Anchor Nail Design for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @justmenyc310

7. Pastel Glitter

Glitter is a great choice for the summer. It suits the summer fun vibe and will also look gorgeous sparkling in the sunshine. There are many glitter designs, we love this one as it has a unicorn vibe. This design was created with GlitterArty Nails Pearl Metallic Glitters. It is vibrant nail art that will add a pop of color to any summer look.

Metallic Glitter Pastel Design for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @lulubelle_nails

8. French Manicure with Floral Accent Nail

Give your French manicure a summer makeover by adding a flower accent nail. These nails are cute, stylish and will suit everyone. You can recreate this yourself and there are plenty of floral stencils available to give your gorgeous floral nails with ease. You could use any bright colors for your French floral manicure.

French Manicure with Floral Accent Nail for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @real_nail_love7

9. Tie Dye Nail Art

Create tie dye accent nails to give your nails a groovy look this summer. Tie dye designs can be created in a few different ways. One of the easy ways is to drip a few polish colors into a bowl of water, swirl the colors around then dip your nail into the water. You can tape around the nail to stop the polish going onto your skin. There are lots of tutorials available and if this docent work for you, you can purchase tie dye nail stickers.

Tie Dye Nail Art for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @cgibson7337

10. Purple Floral Design

Wear flower power in style this summer with a floral design like this. This design was created with Essie polishes and the Born Pretty Whiteout Stamping Polish. The nail art is fun and will suit all ages. You could change the background color to make it unique to you.

Purple Floral Nail Art for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @nail_passionate

11. Blue Glitter Ombre

Our next design will have your nails sparkling all summer. It features a blue glitter and white glitter that ends in a clear nail. This art creates a glitter ombre look. Ombre nail designs are bang on trend so master the technique and you’ll have stylish nails all year round.

Blue Ombre Glitter Nails for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @wanvisa.nails

12. Butterfly Accent Nail

Butterflies are popular nail designs and with this manicure we can see why! These gorgeous vibrant pink nails feature a butterfly accent nail. You can purchase butterfly stickers and stencils to give you the perfect butterfly shape. You could recreate this any color. Pink is a good choice for summer because it is a fun and vibrant.

Bright Pink and Butterfly Nail Art for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @joannasalonkosmetyczny

13. Funky Aztec Art

Aztec prints are very stylish. You can easily add this pattern to your nails with a stencil. These designs give you a lot of creative freedom as you can add many colors and even some glitter. This nail art shows how you can bring together many colors to create a trendy nail art. Turquoise and Aztec is an excellent combo as it suits the boho summer trend.

Funky Aztec Design for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @carolmaryw

14. Pastel Yellow Summer Nails

If the bright yellow wasn’t your thing then try a pastel yellow like this. It is a light and vibrant color that will suit everyone. You could wear it as one coat or as a base coat for a funky design. Yellow is the perfect color for summer. This color will work on long and short nails.

Pastel Yellow Short Nails for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @lovely.nails.by.ann

15. Orange Floral Nail Art

Orange is another must have color for summer. It is warm, vibrant and fun. Combine this color with flowers and you have stylish floral nails perfect for the season. You could create something like this with stickers or stencils. Orange would be a great choice but you could always have your favourite color if isn’t your thing.

Orange Floral Nail Art for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @sohotrightnail

16. Zesty Orange Design

We have another zesty orange design for you. This time the nails feature an orange print. Something like this would be great on vacation or for a summer party. You could even experiment and try different fruits like lemons and maybe just have the print on one accent nail.

Zesty Orange Design for Summer Nail Ideas

Source: @mannanails

17. Ombre Design with Rose Accent Nail

Ombre nails will be in style season after season. Warm your ombre up for summer by using orange and purple like this one. The ombre reminds us of a summer sunset, making it perfect for the season. You could have the design with or without the rose.

Ombre Design with Rose Accent Nail for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @agnieszka_mazur_en

18. Beach Shell Design

Going on a beach vacation? Then consider having these shell nails before you go. These capture the colors of the ocean with the nail color and gem color. The shells look like what you would see under the sea. We love these! You could recreate this with different polishes for your perfect look.

Turquoise Nails with Shell Accent Nail for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @kozmeticki_salon_zemun

19. Summer Bee Nail Art

The bugs, insects and nature come to life in the summer time. Take inspiration from this and create nails like these. These gorgeous nails look natural and funky. A design like this would look great on long and short nails. You could have this design on an accent nail to.

Summer Bee Nail Art for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @thetopcoatnailsalon

20. Trendy Triangular Design

Next, we have these trendy summer nails. The bright colors look great with the triangular design accent nails. You could go bold like this or just have the triangle design with a French manicure. You could try this with any color scheme, something bright for the summer.

Trendy Triangular Design for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @merry_raspberry

21. Sparkly Blue Summer Nails

Love sparkles? Then you will love this design. The beautiful blue polish has been embellished with gems and crystals. Gems like these can be bought cheaply and will create a stunning design. You could recreate this however you like the possibilities are endless. We love this sparkly look!

Sparkly Blue Nails for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @nailartbyjudy

22. Watermelon Accent Nail

If you like the watermelon designs then this could be for you. The bright pink nails look amazing with the watermelon accent nail. There are plenty of tutorials online if you would like to know how to do create something like this.

Watermelon Accent Nail for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @karolinak98

23. Pastels with Accent Nail

Last on our list is this beautiful pastel design. The colors used to create this were Semilac 073 Caribbean Sea, 023 Banana, 050 French Vanilla, 001 Strong White. These colors work beautifully together and can be used to create other stunning designs. Each one would look beautiful on its own to.

Pastel Blue and Yellow Design with Accent Nail for Summer Nails Idea

Source: @semilac

We hope you have found the perfect summer nails!